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Star5 qty Holy Grail
Riv…@hotmail.com I will never be without this product again. It's the only skincare product that I have repurchased ever. I'm on my second bottle, and each bottle lasts me about 6-9 months. Highly recommend. I can't really figure out exactly what it's doing for my skin, but since using it, my skin just looks and feels better.
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A holy grail product!!!! Gives such great and intense moisture for a product with such a thin consistency. 

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Star5 qty changed my skin texture

First k-product I tried and after 2 weeks my skin looked visibly better

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Star5 qty great!

now i know why everyone's been raving about this!! best essence 

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Star5 qty HG: 2nd bottle, enough said

Worked my way to a second bottle. Absolutely love this stuff. It's fermentation that your skin needs to restore its balance after all the makeup and cleansing. It's not a toner, but a lightweight essence. It feels like water, but it's just as precious. So precious that I wouldn't use cotton pad to apply, just bare hands because every drop is like gold. Ok, I exaggerate because it's not as pricey as Shiseido, but the effects are same. HG


-for those who want softer skin

-light hydration

-for all skintypes

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