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Star5 qty Best essence!

I basically bought everything from this line from the toner, essence to the lotion. My skin has definitely improved after using the three of them together!

Especially for the essence, you can't miss it. My skin has become so supple and glowy after a few times using it. 

Publicado el 17-03-10 Recomendado
Star5 qty first treatment
egb…@gmail.com I saw a difference from the first use!My skin was significantly more bright!
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Star5 qty lovely essence: cult classic for a reason

I love this essence

its a cult classic

and for a reason

its one of the best

and i love it 

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Star5 qty Lifesaver

i never believed in toners until i bought this. it's fantastic!! 

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Star5 qty Very good

Lives up to the hype! Will definitely purchase again when the time comes!

Publicado el 17-02-12 Recomendado