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[CLIO] Rouge Heel Velvet 022 Crimson Dream[CLIO] Rouge Heel Velvet 022 Crimson Dream

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[CLIO] Rouge Heel Velvet 022 Crimson Dream

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Brand : CLIO
Code : CLIOCM17-L022
Weight : 40g (0.09 lbs)
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Radiante su cuidado de la piel con el [CLIO] Rouge Heel Velvet 022 Crimson Dream! nuestro objetivo es ofrecerle los mejores productos coreanos para cuidar su piel, incluida Cosmeticos, MAQUILLAJE, Labios. Hydra Labios en línea.
Soft Touch upon application!

01) Exhilarating color in a single application!
- Rouge heel velvet has a high chroma effect which allows you to cultivate natural-looking yet vivid lips in a single application

02) Soft Touch upon application for instant velvet matte finish
- Soft touch with a light and fresh finish! Clear and even application from any angle! Luxurious,velvety,and matte application

03) New Color ful Packaging! Exhilarating design inspired by stiletto heels.
- Clio's sensational packaging design is inspired by the soft,sexy silhouette of stiletto heels and froom all-black packaging to a colorful,matted exterior for a chic vibe!

Suggested Use
Apply to lips, starting at center and moving outwards following the natural curve your lips.



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