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[Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Black Head 3 Step Solution

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imprimir esto [Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Black Head 3 Step Solution

[Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Black Head 3 Step Solution

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Marca : Elizavecca
Código : SESALOP02-3step
Peso : 50g (0.11 lbs)
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Radiante su cuidado de la piel con el [Elizavecca] Milky Piggy Black Head 3 Step Solution! nuestro objetivo es ofrecerle los mejores productos coreanos para cuidar su piel, incluida Cosmeticos, Mascarilla, Mascarilla. Hydra Mascarilla en línea.
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Black Head 3 Steps Solution!
Step 1 opens your pores which allow for removing blackheads easily.
Step 2 removes clearly blackheads.
Step 3 will minimize your pores.
Suggest Use
1. After washing the face, place Step 1 on the nose for 10-15 minutes.
2. Wet the nose with water and place Step 2 on nose. After 10-15 minutes, slowly remove it from the edge.
3. Place Step 3 on nose. Remove it after 10-15 minutes and gently tap form absorption.
Active Ingredients
Green Tea, Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe, Apple, Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, etc.


  • Comentarios (16)

Star5 qty Good
god…@yahoo.com.au Takes put blackheads
Publicado el 17-08-15 Recomendado
Star5 qty AMAZING

I have tried a bunch of different pore strips and am always highly disappointed when it doesn't pull up and gunk from my nose, but I was so amazed at everything this 3 step black head solution pulled up! I already placed an order for more <3 fdc34c61a8286aada7e7b0bdc2fb76ff_1502252


Publicado el 17-08-09 Recomendado
Star4 qty Effective and Soothing

This is the first product from Eliza Vecca that I've tried.  It wasn't that bad!  I do think that the regular nose strips are somewhat more effective, but I love the 3 steps that this one has.  The last patch to soothe the nose feels so great! 9/10 would so recommend! :) 

Publicado el 17-07-11 Recomendado
Star3 qty Not Effective

Although the mask is good but it not really effective. 

Publicado el 17-07-07 Recomendado
Star4 qty Works ok

I've never had very much luck with these blackhead strips. The first step does help open the pores a bit, but I didn't see much on the strip afterwards.



Publicado el 17-06-29 Recomendado
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