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[Huxley] Oil Light And More

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[Huxley] Oil Light And More

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Brand : Huxley
Code : HXS02-LO
Weight : 100g (0.22 lbs)
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Radiante su cuidado de la piel con el [Huxley] Oil Light And More! nuestro objetivo es ofrecerle los mejores productos coreanos para cuidar su piel, incluida Cosmeticos, Cuidado facial, Serúm&Aceite facial. Hydra Serúm&Aceite facial en línea.


A lightweight facial oil that contains prickly pear seed oil with outstanding moisturizing ability. It absorbs into the skin quickly, protects it from various stressors, and fortifies the skin.

1. A Non-greasy lightweight oil that does not leave an oily appearance

2. A fast absorbing, light and dry oil for all skin types

3. Rich moisture for dry skin

Good for all skin types


Is oil only good for dry skin?


Introducing OIL ; LIGHT AND MORE that works with all skin types.

Find the proper application of oil just right for each skin type, and protect your skin from various stressors and skin dryness.

Dry skin

Mix oil with each product in every step of the basic skin care routine. Repeated applications establish layered hydration and increased hydration.

Combination skin

In the T-zone area, after massaging oil into the skin to remove dead skin cells and sebum, wipe off it with a steamed towel.

When oil is applied to the U-zone area, it provides moisture and helps to regulate the moisture and oil levels in the skin.

Oily skin

Because oily skin has already plenty of oil on itself, use OIL ; LIGHT AND MORE, a lightweight oil.

It may seem counterproductive to apply oil to already oily skin, but skin actually produces oil in order to stay moisturized.

Thus, the application of oil can actually fool the skin into believing that it has enough oil on it and reduce the production of sebum.

Massaging oil into your skin will remove impurities that clog your pores. It can kill two birds with one stone!

Sensitive skin

Mix a drop of oil with CREAM ; MORE THAN MOIST. CREAM ; MORE THAN MOIST is a cream for sensitive and severe dry skin. It will create a great synergy, enhancing the moisturizing and antioxidant effects without irritation, when blended with oil.

Suggested Use

Every morning and night, before applying a cream, drop 1-2 drops of oil to the palms and spread it over the forehead, cheeks and chin. Gently press into the skin with your hands until absorbed.

*When a drop of oil is blended with CREAM; MORE THAN MOIST it creates a great synergy, enhancing the moisturizing effects.

Tips to maximize OIL ; LIGHT AND MORE

1. Use it before applying a lip balm to dry lips.

2. Use it as emergency treatment for brittle and dry hair. Use oil itself or mix it with hair essence.

3. When putting on makeup, mix the liquid foundation with a drop of oil to make skin moisturized and glow.

4. Use it as spot SOS treatment for the areas of the face that don't take makeup well. Press oil into the skin with hands.

5. Use it as a double-layer oil mist. Mix toner and oil in a 7:3 ratio and pour the mixture into a mist container.


* It is limited to the properties of ingredients.

1. SUNFLOWER SEED OIL Moisturizing

2. SQUALANE Forming a natural barrier, Moisturizing

3. JOJOBA SEED OIL Eliminating free radicals, Moisturizing

4. ABYSSINIAN SEED OIL Improving skin texture, Radiant skin



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Star5 qty Este aceite es espectacular
mar…@hotmail.com He usado otros aceites faciales antes y este sin duda es el mejor...es raro pero no es graso, es super ligero se absorve rapidamente. Lo uso antes de la crema de noche antigravity de huxley y hacen un duo insuperable. También me lo aplico en el cabello para cerrar las puntas. Como vivo es tierra cálida y húmeda sólo lo recomiendo de noche
Posted on 19-08-30 Recommend
Star5 qty lo amo

definitivamente es mi aceite favorito. absorbe muy rápido. quiero comprar otros 2

Posted on 19-06-25 Recommend
Star5 qty I love it

It smells nice and moisturizes really well. 1164bfcfe1fd0b3978ce7411ecd1601f_1502095 

Posted on 17-08-07 Recommend
Star5 qty great product
chr…@gmail.com Soaks into my face quickly leaving it nice and soft. Also great for the ends of my hair. Best face oil I've tried so far!
Posted on 17-07-12 Recommend
Star5 qty huxley oil light and more

I finished my first bottle already and i ordered 2 bottles more!!! I not only use this on my face--i also use it on my arms,hands, legs  and feet!!! i want my arms and legs to be smooth and beautiful too--i believe this product takes away the dryness of my arms and legs. It is really i great product--Huxley--pls do not stop making this product. LOVE_LOVE LOVE it much!!!

Posted on 17-07-10 Recommend
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