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Star5 qty highly recommend!

I really love this product, works amazing in my nose, giving me a clean and very soft result. I'll keep purchasing it. that last step its the best! 

Posted on 17-03-17 Recommend
Star3 qty Works, but not life-changing

The 3-step strips definitely work, and the strip did pull away most blackheads and absorbed some oil. However you still need to follow up with some other type of cream. It did not pull everything out as I had expected, especially the deeper ones. Recommend putting a warm moist towel on your face to open your pores beforehand.

Posted on 17-03-14 Recommend
Star3 qty Not impressed

First step moved blackheads to the surface but second step did not remove anything at all. Will not buy again!

Posted on 17-03-07 Recommend
Star5 qty effective blackhead remover

I buy this over and over and over again

My boyfriend has a lot of pore problems

with black heads etc etc

he loves this stuff

its really effective



Posted on 17-03-04 Recommend
Star4 qty Good product

A bit of a faff but does the job

Posted on 17-03-03 Recommend