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Star5 qty Good

It's effective, it's a good product

Posted on 17-02-24 Recommend
Star4 qty bean-like

Not sure it does anything special apart from hydration, but i like the idea of the funky ingredient bean. A good mask 

Posted on 17-02-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Favourite
dar…@gmail.com This is one of my favourite sheet mask it doesn't leave a sticky residue and t helped clear up my skin
Posted on 17-02-21 Recommend
Star5 qty I love it

probably one of my favourite sheet mask!! My skin feels so soft after using it!!

Posted on 16-09-24 Recommend
Star4 qty Great mask

I like this mask because my skin feels very fresh and hydrated after using it, i like the smell that leaves me, never missing in my routine weekends ;)

Posted on 16-04-17 Recommend