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Star5 qty Good!!!

Using this mask makes me wanted to eat it!!!!!

Posted on 16-04-08 Recommend
Star5 qty Very Good For a Second Try at Sheet Masks

Over the last two years I have been anxious to try more Korean Skincare. One of the things that has always fascinated me are the sheet masks. I have tried one before and wanted to try more. 

I am always looking for things to improve the texture and tone of my skin. For some reason my skin always seems blotchy and rough. When I first put this mask on I realized it is the one that has fit my face shape the best. There were a few wrinkles in the sheet because it was a little large but nothing too dramatic. Keep in mind I have only tried one other sheet mask before.


I put this mask on after washing my face and doing a peel. As I waited the indicated 12 minutes the face mask was refreshing and cool. I felt the tingling on my face but not in a bad way as if I could feel my skin repairing itself as I was wearing the mask. 


After I took it off and spread the remaining serum on my face my skin felt amazing. It was soft and well moisturized. Of course after 1 use I don't expect miracles but I am anxious to get more of this particular mask and see how it works over time. 

Posted on 15-12-26 Recommend