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Star5 qty Polvos compactos
jan…@hotmail.com Amo estos polvos, ayudan a controlar el acné quitando el sebo del rostro

Publicado el 18-10-21 Recomendado
Star4 qty Is a complement

The most important thing is the package, is so cute and you can use it everywhere. Is perfect for purse. Maybe you need to be careful and not put so much or you will be white.1606ba2310afbafafcd2672b7c071b60_1525047 

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Star4 qty Good

The actual formula and powder was pretty average but the packaging was extremely great for travel. and perfect for on the go touch ups.13c295b89c573da73b68451f865eac17_1502960 

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Star5 qty used this over and over

This powder, both the loose powder version and the compact version = something i cant live without

It sets my makeup very well, and does not leave any weird patches on the skin. 

You can come see me use these products here!




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Star3 qty ok
dea…@yahoo.com just an ok item for me
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