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Star5 qty Really good!

It's a really good moisturizer, my skin is softer and hydrated

Posted on 17-01-29 Recommend
Star5 qty Really good moisturizer

As someone who has a combination skin type I was actually worried this might break out my skin. The results were the exact opposite. After receiving it after the holidays I would use it before I went to work, and in my opinion my skin has never felt better. Now I did fall off the wagon for a little bit, but now i'm back on and I just want to say that this is a fantastic product. I love the nice refreshing smell it has but, I do wish it came with a spatula.



Posted on 17-01-22 Recommend
cha…@hotmail.com Awesome formula, very light and helps moisturized really dry patches!
Posted on 16-11-14 Recommend
Star5 qty GREAT

Great moisturizer, my skin does not feel oily after applying it!

Posted on 16-11-04 Recommend
Star5 qty Good
aur…@yahoo.com Like it
Posted on 16-10-12 Recommend