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Star4 qty Nada del otro mundo
Lor…@Gmail.com Hace su trabajo aunque arde (pica) un poco

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Star5 qty Excelente!!!

Llevo un mes usándolo es lo maximo para hidratar y equilibrar la piel, aporta luminosidad sin un aspecto grasoso4319087c570f67806cef28147ab41c10_1538361 

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Star5 qty Great!

It's moisturizing and it makes my face feel very smooth and soft 

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Star5 qty Fresh Green Tea 70 Toner

This toner is not as watery as other toners which I feel is better because it sticks better to the skin, even though it does take a bit longer to absorb. I did not see much improvement in my skin in terms of moisture and skin tone. Its good for a daily maintenance toner but if you are looking for a toner that actively moisturizes and evens out skin tone, this toner's not for you.99cf1484cb988698f50d8025d6ce7053_1498340 

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Star5 qty Nice!
put…@gmail.com So refreshing and clean my face nicely.
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