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Star5 qty Gorgeous texture

There's a reason why this is one of the best compact cc creams on the market. It's super lightweight, light-medium coverage, and hydrating. It also contains skin-care ingredients which is a definite plus for me. Unfortunately, it was a bit too light for my skin tone as I'm fair-light with yellow undertone. I gave it to my aunt who has fair-light skin with pink undertone and she absolutely loooooooooves it. Even her friend has inquired about it and asked me about where to get it. HERE! 


-for those who like hydrating makeup

-for those who like the natural, french-style makeup look

-for those who like to nourish their skin why looking beautiful

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Star5 qty Best cushion!

Great coverage and gives good amount of glow, not too much, not too little, just perfect. Beautiful color. 

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Star5 qty IN LOVE

I am really loving this cushion!!! 

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Star3 qty too dry to use it in winter
moh…@163.com I buy this product cuz they make good product, this cushion is good, but is too dry for me to use it in winter.
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Star5 qty Amazing

Love the finish and coverage!  The packaging is really nice looking too! 

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