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Star5 qty COOL

Cooling and interesting to use


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Star5 qty Ya!
Sof…@gmail.com Very big and covers a wide space on ur face. Love the smell
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Star5 qty Eyes need lovin’ too!

The packaging of the product is cute and travel-friendly. The eye patch comes in a plastic pouch. The pouch contains one pair of the eye patch. The panda print on the packet looks super cute. The packaging is absolutely good and hygienic. I do not have any complaints about the packaging.

The eye patch is fully infused with the serum. It does not have anything like a sticky gel side or something. It is a normal cloth eye mask that adheres to the skin nicely and does not fall.a886536f414343f1482eeb70182fb01b_1501600


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Star4 qty Soothing
rjo…@yahoo.com 3191b90ebd24dd66453e71071b55aea0_1501370
Pro: Lots of serum! Only tried the mask once, and haven't noticed much of a difference, but it does have a soothing effect. :DD
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Star5 qty Yay
app…@yahoo.com Received today very excited to give them a try
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