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Star3 qty not so bad

I've been using this mask for 2 weeks, it says 'you can use it before the make up' but I don't like it as a primer. However, I apply on my face Tony Moly's Panda series 'white cream' it works much more better and it was also good primer. I looked for Snow White's integridents and it was good and I'll keep using it..

Posted on 17-04-01 Recommend
Star5 qty Good job
tra…@gmail.com Very good
Posted on 17-03-31 Recommend
Star4 qty Good Job
mki…@yahoo.com It does a good job of temporarily brightening your skin. I like to use this as a base when wearing makeup.
Posted on 17-03-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Good
nas…@hotmail.com I liked it a lot, the product took up some spots that had on the skin
Posted on 17-03-19 Recommend
Star3 qty not sure

Using this for 2 weeks but didn't see any changes!

Maybe need some more time to see the difference!

Posted on 17-03-02 Recommend