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Star5 qty Best cleanser ever
vic…@gmail.com I have read purchased this cleanser for a year now. It has helped my skin recover from acne and it's gentle yet cleanses well without drying. Best used with a konjac sponge, this cleanser doesn't clean deep in the pores just surface skin. Only need a small amount as it foams well.
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Star4 qty Very gentle!

This cleanser is very gentle and works well for me. But I prefer the neogen grean tea foam cleanser. 


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Star5 qty Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser



This cleanser is gentle yet it cleans my skin thoroughly without leaving my skin feeling tight after and reduces the amount of spots! Not sure if its supposed to, but it brightened my skin as well :-)

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Star5 qty Effective and awesome!

I absolutely love this cleanser!


I have sensitive, combination skin and this light gel cleanser does a great job of cleansing the skin w/o stripping it of its natural oils. 

Although this is the "Good Morning" cleanser, I use this at morning and night and my skin looks a lot brighter afterwards.

It also nicely removes any traces of makeup that may be left over.

There is also a light tea tree scent which I enjoy, but some may not


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Star5 qty This was great for combo skin!

I have oily/combo skin. I have normal skin on my cheeks and oily skin on my T Zone. I would recommend this product, on the condition of also buying an exfoliator. I loved this gentle cleanser though! It didn't affect my sensitive skin.8908da0d2810f6ed623283b93dfb53c6_1502729 

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