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Star3 qty So-so

It has an alcohol scent to it but it's surprisingly very gentle to the skin. I've been using this for a few weeks and I seem to have noticed that my acne is getting worse. I don't want to blame this product for that yet because it could be due to the other COSRX products that I use such as the snail essence but I'll keep using this for a few more weeks to see if my skin will hopefully heal. Overall this is an okay product.

Posted on 17-07-09 Recommend
Star4 qty Good to a certain extent

Ive had problems with my skin for the past year or so and after returning from a trip to korea back in February it was time to stock back up on a few items. Smell doesnt bother me and it seems to calm down my skin after irritation. Although i havent seen drastic differences from using this product its way too loved to part with and i will still always have a spare bottle on hand. 

Posted on 17-07-06 Recommend
Star2 qty Know your skin before you buy a product
jyr…@yahoo.com This one must be good at acne prone skin. I bought this because I have pimples. But this just irritate my skin more. Maybe because this is a bit harsh for my sensitive skin. I love the other products of cosrx but not this one.
Posted on 17-06-04 Recommend
Star5 qty My holy grail

I have repurchased this so many times and it has made my acne and oily skin go away. My acne is less red the next day and my skin isn't as oily either!11c4bd0c3fe0cda528498b0c69417981_1497918 

Posted on 17-05-24 Recommend
Star4 qty Toner? But also not

I use this as a toner and rotate it with my usual but it can easily be used as an esscene of some sort as well. I have used this for several months now and my acne has decreased quite a bit, now whenever i get acne it much smaller than before. The smell can be kinda strong though so if your weak to that be careful, the smell does fade however so you don't have to suffer for too long.

Posted on 17-05-03 Recommend