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Star5 qty <3 <3 <3

been purchasing this over and over and over again bacause thats how frikkin' awesome it is! Just try it ladies!

Posted on 17-08-22 Recommend
Star5 qty spots

works well to calm redness and reduce size of acne blemishes

Posted on 17-08-21 Recommend
Star5 qty The pimples' enemy!



I love this! I wish each pack comes in more patches! They are effective on pimples with budding pus! 


Posted on 17-08-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Great!

A very good product! We don't have anything like this in Denmark so I am happy to have discovered this. Minimizes blemishes overnight! :)

Posted on 17-08-19 Recommend
Star5 qty HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!!

I've taken to stocking up on these because I can't imagine getting breakouts without them now. If you're like me and cant resist popping your acne, this helps them heal over super quickly. I've also noticed way less scarring using these pads. 

Posted on 17-08-18 Recommend