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Star4 qty No irrita.
nat…@hotmail.com Tarda un poco en absorberse y poder aplicar los siguientes productos de la rutina. No me causó irritación pero aún no lo uso lo suficiente para ver sus resultados.

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Star5 qty Excelente
nat…@hotmail.com Ayuda a retirar los puntos blancos de la frente y a tener una piel más uniforme

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Star5 qty me ha ayudado mucho
cch…@unab.edu.co inicialmente pase por una especie de purga y me brote un poco, pero después mejoro y mi piel esta mejor que nunca
Publicado el 18-10-16 Recomendado
Star5 qty My first acid, I really love it
map…@gmail.com I think this is the perfect acid for those who are just getting started with chemical exfoliation. I have dry to normal skin, so everyone recommended me using this one instead of a BHA, which is more potent. I'm not gonna lie: the first time I used it, my skin reacted very badly, it burned so much and it left me red (like if was sunburned) for almost a week, my skin felt really tired. But, at the same time, it left my skin shinny. n¡Not in a bad way, just a glowy glossier way. So the next time, I didn't apply with a cotton pad but with my fingers, and just tree drops. It was so much better. For almost a month I only used once a week, and the next day my skin looked radiant and beautiful. Now I apply it two times a week, with my fingers or cotton pad, depending on how my skin is looking. I really love it. Just be careful in the beginning if it is your first time with acids.
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Star5 qty Muy bueno para reducir textura

La textura de la piel cambia completamente. Muy recomendado 

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