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Star4 qty Okay
Tra…@gmail.com I have been using for 3 weeks and haven't seen any huge improvement yet. I don't have many white heads but since the day I used it they seem pulled out quite a lot. They said that normal. They will continue pulling in around 2-6 months and skin will get better and better.
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Star5 qty Easy to use,good and cheap product
aur…@yahoo.com Easy to use,good and cheap product
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Star5 qty Amazing product!
app…@gmail.com Thanks god that i found this product! I noticed that it reduced my whitehead after using it.
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Star5 qty Holy Grail

Great at reducing clogged pores and making your whiteheads disappear. My skin looks a lot clearer after just a few uses. However, it does have a bit of a bad smell but it doesn't linger.

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Star5 qty best
pan…@gmail.com Bis jetzt the best gegen Whitehead
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