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Star5 qty liquidy

this works really well to control my acne!

Publicado el 17-02-07 Recomendado
Star5 qty Skin saver!!!
chl…@hotmail.co.uk Omg I absolutely love love love this product! This is the first time I am using an acid exfoliator type product and despite the warnings on the box, this is quite gentle and i had no adverse side effects. It made my skin feel so smooth after use and so soft!
Publicado el 17-02-03 Recomendado
Star4 qty meh

didnt notice a huge difference

Publicado el 17-01-07 Recomendado
Star3 qty Not sure
ste…@gmail.com Maybe I'm just sensitive to AHA, but it stings quite a bit after application and my face has a bit of redness afterwards which lasts a while. I use it only every few days in combo with the BHA but have yet to see much difference with pores and such.
Publicado el 16-12-27 Recomendado
Star5 qty Great Product

Definitely one of the hit product of Cosrx, very hydrating, with prolong use could see disappearance of sun spots. Also improved skin texture.

Publicado el 16-12-26 Recomendado