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Star5 qty Good intro to BHA

One of my key issues with my skin is my blackhead problems. But ever since I started using the blackhead power liquid, it's been non-existent. I referred to many kbeauty bloggers' reviews on BHA and AHA before making a decision and now apply it with a cotton pad. For someone with sensitive skin, I find that the product is not harsh and has helped improve my complexion dramatically!

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Star3 qty Meh product
pan…@gmail.com I used this product and I can't really notice a difference. I have dry skin and pores aren't a problem. Maybe that's why.
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Star4 qty Nice toner
car…@hotmail.com You only need one pump for your whole face and it's absorbed quickly. The smell is faint but not very pleasant and disappears almost immediately.
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Star5 qty Gentle but Effective

Keeps the blackheads at bay! 

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Star4 qty Heavy-duty clenser:
Rag…@gmail.com This product is not for evryday use and left my skin red and tingely - The redness did go away after a moisturizing mask and creams , Skin left new soft and clean. Pores seems tighter and cleared out. ( use at night and make sure to pack skin with spf 50 + morning after ✧∀✧) I will not recommend this product for sensitive skin , might buy again if i will ever run out of it ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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