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Star4 qty Heavy-duty clenser:
Rag…@gmail.com This product is not for evryday use and left my skin red and tingely - The redness did go away after a moisturizing mask and creams , Skin left new soft and clean. Pores seems tighter and cleared out. ( use at night and make sure to pack skin with spf 50 + morning after ✧∀✧) I will not recommend this product for sensitive skin , might buy again if i will ever run out of it ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Posted on 17-02-19 Recommend
Star4 qty It's good.
Sha…@hotmail.com Totally recommend this!
Posted on 17-02-18 Recommend
Star4 qty Melts Away Blackheads

I have only been using the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid for just over a week now and I have been starting to notice a reduction in the blackheads on my nose.  I am happy to say that I would recommend this product to anyone who is prone to having pesky blackheads that wont seem to go away.  The product goes in and out of stock, luckily I caught it at the right time, however my bottle showed up missing a small amount of the product.  That is the reason for the reduction of a star.  I will update the review as I go on.

Posted on 17-02-09 Recommend
Star5 qty great

also considering buying another

Posted on 17-02-07 Recommend
Star3 qty Unsure
dil…@gmail.com Using once a week but haven't seen too much improvement in my skin. Perhaps I should be using this more often. Tried the whole bha, clay mask, oil cleanser method to rid of blackheads but hasn't done much for my skin so far!
Posted on 17-02-07 Recommend