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Star5 qty A++

This is some powerful skincare. I could see results after just a few uses, and it's so inexpensive compared to other similar products. It does have a smell that I find a bit irritating, but for anyone who isn't sensitive to strong scents, this product is perfection. 

Posted on 17-06-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Good
sab…@yahoo.com Good for reducing black head appearance!
Posted on 17-05-31 Recommend
Star4 qty good
mit…@gmail.com good product, I will repurchace for sure!
Posted on 17-05-23 Recommend
Star3 qty It's not that good...

I have stubborn blackheads on my forehead and cheeks. This product doesn't really do anything for me as it advertises that it get rid of blackheads and is a chemical exfoliant. :(

Posted on 17-05-16 Recommend
Star5 qty great product!
mdo…@gmail.com It's my first time using BHAs to treat acne breakouts and black heads and given my very very sensitive combination skin i was a little scared that this product would be too harsh  or that it would make my breakouts even worse. But it didn't happen! In fact it has reduced an acne breakout i'm currently dealing with, so I'm really happy with this purchase so far!!
Posted on 17-05-04 Recommend