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Star5 qty Like it!

I use it with BHA A-Sol and people keep telling me about my skin changes! I really love COSRX!!!

Posted on 17-04-02 Recommend
Star3 qty Overall Rating: 6.5 / 10

Been using this product daily for about a month now 


- Very watery texture, and easy to apply

- Very convenient pump

- Little to non-existent smell

- Hasn't irritated me or broken me out (a lot of people talk about a stinging sensation or purging but I personally haven't experienced this)

- I feel like my pores and blackheads have been reduced ever so slightly (though this might be due to other new products that I've been using)



- Skin started flaking upon first few days of using (not really sure if it was due to the product though) 

- Haven't noticed a huge difference when using it (blackheads are still present); difference isn't big enough for me to continue using the product.



Posted on 17-03-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Amazing Product!

This product is quite liquidy like water, people say you should put this on with a cotton bud but I find that I waste product that way so I just take two pumps on my fingertips and massage it onto my skin focusing on places with the most vissible pores and blackheads. After putting it on it has some sort of moisturizing effect and absorbs well, but it can be a bit sticky so I tend to just use this during night time. I felt like my makeup would not go on smoothly if I put it on after applying this product to be honest. But I have been using this product everyday for a week now and I have realized my blackheads are becoming less and less vissible! I recommend this to everyone!

Posted on 17-03-23 Recommend
Star5 qty Great Acne Treatment
gtc…@gmail.com This has become a staple on my routine, it really helps keep my acne at bay and is quite moisturizing. It' also gentle enough on my skin to use it every night which I really like.
Posted on 17-03-17 Recommend
Star5 qty Felt its effects

​Really felt the effects of it a few seconds after applying it to my face. I think it helped minimise my blackheads somewhat. 

Posted on 17-03-13 Recommend