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Star3 qty A little disappointed

My suspicions for my recent breakouts may be due to using snail products by COSRX so I had to put a stop to using them. I had hope that snail products would heal my blemished skin but it only seemed to make it worse. Don't get me wrong this is a great product; moisturising and all but it irritated my skin every time I used it so this may not be for me.

Posted on 17-07-09 Recommend
Star2 qty Abit too oily for my skin
yrs…@gmail.com It has a tiny scent of alcohol which I don't prefer. I can't use it too often cause it'll cause oily bumps on my skin. Can only use it for once a week or less. Couldn't see any effect so far
Posted on 17-07-07 Recommend
Star3 qty Love hate relationship
cla…@hotmail.com For the first few weeks of using this product i thought i found the only cream i needed to own. It was moisturising and made my dry face, dry no more. After i started to notice irritation and my face was breaking out more and more. Ive passed it onto my mum and her less sensitive skin has bonded with this product better than i have. Overall, i would say it depends on your skin type however, if you are less sensitive its worth giving this a try! 
Posted on 17-07-06 Recommend
Star5 qty Great

I use this at night and the next day my skin feels very tight, soft and bright.  

Posted on 17-07-03 Recommend
Star5 qty The magic cream!

The magic cream! After using 2 days the skin was soft! The color is more smooth and healthy!

Posted on 17-07-01 Recommend