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Star5 qty Recommend
mic…@yahoo.com Apply this as last step of my night skincare routine. It fees sticky for about 1 minute and after that my skin feel smooth until the next morning.
Publicado el 17-05-24 Recomendado
Star5 qty Really Good

After using it for a month I noticed that my red marks starting to blur little by little. I use it as my last night routine and it leaves you a smooth skin next morning. During a dryer days, I use to use it as a sleeping mask and it works best. 

Publicado el 17-05-24 Recomendado
Star5 qty best sleep mask ever

i use this for sleep mask. oh men this is awesome.

my skin very smooth in the morning.

very gentle for my super sensitif skin. no breakout no redness.

my pore smaller.


Publicado el 17-05-05 Recomendado
Star4 qty Good
har…@gmail.com Good to use at night. Makes skin feel tight. It's not moisturizing enough for my dry skin though.
Publicado el 17-04-27 Recomendado
Star3 qty Liquid glue
phi…@gmx.de I liked it but it's quite pricey I found cheaper ones with same or even better results. And the texture is something you'll need to get used to its a snail product specifications yes it's like applying liquid glue on your face
Publicado el 17-04-23 Recomendado