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Star5 qty Love the scent
emb…@gmail.com Minhyun and Seonho brought me here. I really like the smell.
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Star4 qty Is this how Minhyun & Seonho smell? What cuties!


Some people have been saying it smells like candy while some others say it doesn't? I vote for sugary Haribo peach ring, apricots canned in syrup kind of smell—but I love it. It has a slightly childish vibe that suits summer nicely. I have to reapply it often because it doesn't last long (hence 4 stars instead of 5), but the bottle is made out of fairly thick plastic, not glass, so I feel safe taking it around in my bag

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Star5 qty Love this scent

My favorite scent at the moment, wish it lasted longer! For now I spray it on my clothes and in my room. super soothing

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Star5 qty So peachy!
jes…@gmail.com My favourite W.Dressroom scent. Smells exactly like fresh, juicy peach! I use it more as a linen spray, a room spray, or to freshen up clothes, rather than a perfume as the fragrance is not particularly long-lasting. Still gorgeous and will definitely be re-purchasing.
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Star5 qty Nice smell

It straight up smells like peaches you buy from a grocery store with a hint of mint.

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