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Star3 qty using it as a mist

I have been using it mostly as a mist for a month now.. its okey.. because i have been using the AHA/BHA Toner one. I am not sure which products made my skin more brighter because started last month all of my skin care now is from Cosrx. and so far I love them all. 


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Star4 qty Good
and…@gmail.com I have try it twice. Hope can works on my face :)
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Star3 qty Just ok

I used up one bottle but didn't see any differencs.

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Star3 qty Just ok!
jen…@gmail.com Using this to wipe leftover residue but not get the result yet
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Star4 qty good toner

I use this toner now for two weeks

I like it

I dont notice a difference


but it doesnt break me out

or make my skin go funky

i enjoy it 

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