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Star4 qty good toner

I use this toner now for two weeks

I like it

I dont notice a difference


but it doesnt break me out

or make my skin go funky

i enjoy it 

Posted on 17-03-04 Recommend
Star5 qty good for dry skin
jov…@gmail.com its realy good for dry skin, in the morning I just spary it on my face and tap, in the night I spread with cottons. I think it whitening my skin a little bit
Posted on 17-02-25 Recommend
Star5 qty good for dry skin!

i have dry skin and it's nice to have a toner that doesn't dry me out. the texture on my face has improved since i started using this. 

Posted on 17-02-01 Recommend
Star5 qty Refreshing!

As a toner, it is refreshing and doesn't cause breakouts for me at least!

Posted on 16-12-15 Recommend
Star5 qty best

they really work on me. greaaattt


Posted on 16-12-10 Recommend