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Star4 qty Great

It does a good job on cleansing.

Publicado el 17-04-09 Recomendado
Star5 qty Nice
pen…@hotmail.com Is very refreshing and gentle in the skin, good simple cleanser for the second step of a double cleanse routine
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Star5 qty Foamy cleanser

Yes, I am truly in love with the scent of the cleansing foam. And the packaging is as lovely as you see in the picture. Tea leaves floating underneath the bottle, that is so satisfying. 


The consistency of the foam is pretty thick. One single pump is sufficient enough for cleansing the whole face. It gives a natural feeling after cleanse, preferably for oily skin people as it dries up the skin a little. 

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Star5 qty This is my second purhase

good products, my skin is less problematic after using this.

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Star5 qty Oh, how I fell in love!
son…@gmail.com Seriously, this facial foam is amazing! The consistency is thick and so good for the skin, it feels like a pillow when applying it to my face. In the beginning I used to put a lot of foam on my face, but because the consistency is so thick, just one pump of the product is enough for your whole face. It does dries out the skin a little bit, but that's good for people with pro-acne skin. Seriously, recommanding this to everyone out there <3
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