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Star4 qty milky
ang…@gmail.com I have a preference for water based masks so I was skeptical about the mask when I found out that it was quite milky and creamy. However, it was still pretty good and refreshing, not too oily unlike some of the innisfree masks.
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Star5 qty Great
Lbr…@yahoo.com Always buy etude face masks
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Star3 qty It's enough

It's not the best mask, but worksc020fdb11cacb02b3c97b481c226a7a5_1501558 

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Star4 qty Okay

Not as good as the moistfull collagen mask from this line but still okay.acc9249f1915a3beb0b774e912eb39fd_1501487 

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Star5 qty sheet mask

This sheet mask was hydrating and felt really nice on the skin. 



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