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Star3 qty Buena
Man…@gmail.com Buena ! Dejo mi piel muy lisa después de usarla ! Aunque no me quitó todos los puntos negros
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Star5 qty muy buena

mejor que holika holika 

me gusto muchof603361211c9467a9d26ab0f96971426_1529264 

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Star5 qty My favorite blackhead sheet remover

I've tried a couple of these type of sheets from different brands and this is probably my favorite so far! It seems to effectively remove black heads and the last sheet seals up your pores for a small pore appearance. I like it a lot!

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Star5 qty Good
a-j…@hotmail.com Use them allways in party and some thng like special events
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Star5 qty Like it so much )
era…@gmail.com Really cute, my nose like new one. I love the 3rd step most of all )
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