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Star5 qty mini
Pao…@gmail.com Huele delicioso, pero realmente es muy pequeño
Publicado el 18-08-12 Recomendado
Star5 qty In love!!!
zad…@hotmail.com Me encanto. El olor y el empaque son una maravilla. Es facil de aplicar, y tiene un tamaño perfecto.

Publicado el 18-06-19 Recomendado
Star5 qty cute

this has got to be the cutest packaging ever :) 

Publicado el 17-04-29 Recomendado
Star4 qty super cute

its smells nice and the packaging is adorable

Publicado el 17-02-11 Recomendado
Star4 qty smells amazing
mad…@gmail.com very cute packaging, the product itself is not as hydrating as i would want it to be, but its so adorable and smells great. i like the red tint that it leaves on the lips; it could have a bit of flavour too though
Publicado el 17-01-05 Recomendado