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Star4 qty light yet hydrating. no break outs!

Also bought this based on Joan Keem's recommendation. Can't tell if it works on wrinkles but it's a great lightweight moisturizer that does not break me out so I continue to use it not just under my eyes but on my forehead, laugh lines and neck.

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Star5 qty Holly gral
kam…@gmail.com The best eye cream I've ever had. I'm not going to change it. Highly recommended.
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Star4 qty I think it works

As a college student, I have many days where I can't afford 8 hours of sleep all 7 days of the week and so the bottom of my eyes suffer a lot from my late nights. So, when I was watching Joan Kim's eye cream reviews I was out to hunt for one that I could use for a long time. This is such a great product and you could just tell the fancy feel of it when it dries on your skin. I've been using it for 2 months now and I think it's been helping a lot with relieving the strain in my eyes and just keeping it protected on there. As for the darkness, I'm not entirely sure if it helps but it does reduce the puffiness look I usually get every morning lol. Even though it's such a small container of product, with 2 months of use it's still not even halfway finished.  So that's a plus!

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Star4 qty It's ok
gir…@yahoo.com I saw Joan Kim on youtube is raving about this product alot, so I bought it.. I guess it's effective to brighten undereye area but it will take some time. I use this as my day eye cream, works well under makeup. You got alot of products with a really good price. For wringkle I dont see any difference. Still not deciding yet whether will repurchase or not, coz this product last for a really long time.
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Star5 qty Very good eye cream so far
evl…@hotmail.com Joankeem said this is her fav eye cream so I have to try it.
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