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Star5 qty good mask

i enjoyed using it a lot. the smell is very nice and not overwhelming, i think it was actually my favourite thing about this product.

Posted on 17-05-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Firming mask
tan…@mail.ru Firming mask. The form of the mask is comfortable, the cutouts for the eyes are large. The mask is tightly attached to the face, it remains moist for a long time. The essence is white, it smells of coconut milk with coffee. Sticky.4b48f8155a757a700cef87cae2f9ebcb_1495472


Posted on 17-05-23 Recommend
Star5 qty good


My skin is soft and moisturized. And the smell is great.

Posted on 17-05-12 Recommend
Star5 qty Good

Smells so good, love coffee :)

Posted on 17-05-09 Recommend
Star4 qty So Cute

Love the packaging was the reason I brought it but it does the job and works well!

Posted on 17-04-29 Recommend