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Star5 qty Really good!!
id.…@gmail.com This is actually my second time buying this product, it has helped to improve my skin texture and I also really love to use it as a lightweight moisturizer when the weather is really hot. I recomend this for those with dry skin that would like an extra moisture and for those with oily skin who struggle finding a moisturiser that does not clog the pores. AND don't forget to apply it with little taps

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Star5 qty Espectacular
pao…@hotmail.com deja la piel con una sensaciòn de frescura, hidratada y muy radiante

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Star5 qty Excelente
Car…@gmail.com Este serum te aporta hidratación deja la piel suave sin sensación grasosa . Me encanta.
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Star5 qty Excelente producto
Man…@gmail.com Me deja la piel muy suave e hidratada, no huele y su textura es muy ligera como agua !
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Star5 qty Maravillosa

Siento mi piel mas suave y con un mejor tono. 3d3aeefc50b9d66c8d978562d34cadca_1535321 

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