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Star4 qty Essence

This essence is great it adds extra moisture to my dry skin and stops it from being flakey

Publicado el 17-07-19 Recomendado
Star5 qty I love this product, on my second bottle.

This product was actually one of my first essence I purchased when I started my skincare. As I developed more research into finding other type of essences I realized that I STILL LOVED THIS. It is a great product and I highly recommend this to anyone starting their first routine or if they are looking for something new. I am on my second bottle and I do have two others types of essence but I still tend to grativate toward this one. I love it and I completely recommend it to everyone. 

Publicado el 17-07-14 Recomendado
Star5 qty Great product for anyone getting started on the es…


I love this product (as you can see its already almost completely empty). This was my first time using an essence in my skincare routine and I'm glad I incorporated it. You will see results gradually if you follow the step by step process of going from cleanser to toner to essence to creams/serums etc.! I can definitely see a difference in my skin from when I started using this essence from when I didn't have one at all. It does smell a little bit odd, but not overwhelming. It does feel moisturizing and giving your face a good soft patting afterwards really packs in the product. I also see that it contributed to brightening my complexion a bit (although that might be in combination with everything else). Definitely one I would reconsider buying if I didn't want to try other products! 


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Star4 qty Good service
Mar…@gmail.com They gave me lots of free trials :)
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Star3 qty Worth the price.

This sheet mask did the job but it was nothing special.

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