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Star5 qty Fav!
Fit…@yahoo.com Its makes my skin nice , and i always used it in my skincare routine
Publicado el 17-05-12 Recomendado
Star5 qty Worth the Hype

It makes my skin feel nice! 

Publicado el 17-05-07 Recomendado
Star4 qty It's ok

I had high expectations with this product but now that I have been using it for a month I can say that it is not a mind-blowing essence, at least for me.

Yes, it gives a nice texture to my skin which appears to be smoother but I can not see the big difference. My skin is combo / dehydrated.

Publicado el 17-04-27 Recomendado
Star5 qty Always with me

When I start to take care of my skin I bought this essence and she never leave me !! I really love Missha it's a very good brand, some product are expensive but I don't care this essence is just perfect for my combo oily skin ! 

Publicado el 17-04-25 Recomendado
Star3 qty Hydrating but not mindblowing

Had very high expectations due to great reviews and previous version of Missha's FTE, though this was slightly disappointing. Mildly hydrating, but not something I can't live without.

Publicado el 17-04-19 Recomendado