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Star5 qty Me encanta, me deja sensación de limpieza
lui…@outlook.es Rinde mucho, me gusta la textura, y con poca cantidad te alcanza para toda la cara. El olor es a hojas citricas. Deja la piel muy suave.

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Star5 qty Love it
rie…@gmail.com This clenser so gentle for my skin. Not make my skin dry.
Publicado el 17-07-20 Recomendado
Star4 qty cheap and does the job


I bought this for my friend, she likes it a lot coz it feels soothing, and cheap too for this volume.

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Star4 qty [Nature Republic] Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cl…

Bought this for my aunt to use and she's enjoying it! This cleanser is gentle and doesn't dry her skin out after using it! Also a little goes a long way! Very affordable too!!

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Star4 qty Soothing Cleanser


I actually bought this for a friend, according to her it gives soothing effect upon using, and it's huge so it'll last long.



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