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Star5 qty asian 30
vfs…@yahoo.com i use this twice a week and every after i use it, my skin just feels very very smooth!!! one of my favorite product
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this product is amazing, it really helps prevent blackheads. Really effective!

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The Best thing I have used on my face

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This is another one of my favorite products. It's a wash-off mask, so once you apply it, you let it dry for about 10-15 minutes then wash it off. I feel like my face is much cleaner after I use it. However, there aren't really any beads, so I'm not sure if it really does exfoliate dead skin cells, but it definitely tightens.

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Star5 qty Awesome

I use this about once a week to deep clean my face and clear some of my blackheads.  I don't know when I started having blackheads but I have them on my nose.  This works really well.  It feels so refreshing but not drying.  It's really amazing.  I even use this as a spot treatment on minor acne spots and it works really well for me.  This beats any $50 clay mask at Sephora.

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