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esto lo he comprano, por error y no termino de entender como funciona xD lo he usado con tintas y algunas veces funciona y otras no, sigo sin entender que hago mal al aplicarlo xDb12187000314c665fb2b10d8c87f079c_1542261 

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I really like this. Its super great at literally concealing your lips. Apply a little with a brush to tone down natural hue of lips or apply it directly and it will litteraly blend in with your skin tone. this is perfect for my cosplaying.

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the concealer works very well . it gives me soft , nice and smooth on my lips 

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Star5 qty Take it slow
vrj…@yahoo.com Use a fingertip, or lip brush to apply. A little goes a long way. I tried applying like a lip balm, and way over did it. It's better to add to lip gradually so you're not wasting your product by removing excess. I love how it neutralizes lip hue so it won't complete with true color of lipsticks. Makes my lip color last longer, the best lip primer I've tried.
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Star5 qty it helps~!!!
lth…@Gmail.com it helps me when I tried to do a gradient lip or mixed a deeper lip color into a lighter color
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