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Star4 qty Good
may…@hotmail.com I love
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Star5 qty Hair is soft and smell good

Love this one! If i was in rushing to go work and forget to put hair conditioner i just simply put 2 pumps of this hair oil (depends on your hair length cause my hair is long). It does help to keep moisturise my hair from getting too dry.  

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Star4 qty Smells good
sof…@gmail.com I've used this a couple times, it doesn't give breathtaking results but just calms frizz and adds a nice clean smeill
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Star5 qty Good product...

Good product...good texture

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Star5 qty *****

I love the texture of this! It's hard to describe, but it doesn't feel oily or gross in any way.

The smell is really nice, and it provides instant shine to the hair. I dye my hair quite often and it has become quite damaged through the years. My hair feels slightly softer after a handful of uses.

The bottle is smaller than I had imagined, but I would still buy it again~

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