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Star5 qty Súper
per…@gmail.com Para usar en conjunto con el huevo blanco, este el amarillo té da la sensación como cuando pones arcilla sella los poros y te da una sensación de mucha suavidad

Posted on 18-06-20 Recommend
Star5 qty AWESOME!
pau…@hotmail.com Recomiendo adquirir toda la linea de "eggs" de TONYMOLY, realmente siento que asi funcionan mejor. Este en particular nos gusto mucho porque al tener un efecto frio cierra muy bien los poros, te deja con una piel suave y saludable. Para aquellos que tienen puntos negros lo super recomiendo! --- I have to say that if you want this product to really work, you should buy all of this "eggs" line. This one in particular is perfect for closing and minimize the pores in your face. With its cooling effect you end up with a smooth and healthy skin. It also prevents the skin for developing blackheads.

Posted on 18-05-16 Recommend
Star5 qty It helps to see my skin better


Posted on 18-03-20 Recommend
Star5 qty Tony Moly egg pore mask

A really good product, visible results after the first use. 01a01f6e8b301c5ed80b3bc27069b8bd_150300901a01f6e8b301c5ed80b3bc27069b8bd_1503009

Posted on 17-08-18 Recommend
Star3 qty Interesting product

This product has a weird texture like cottage cheese/sponge. It did make my skin feel tight and only slightly tightened my pores but I think I would have to use this very often to see any magical effects. The effects are small and only temporary. The packaging is very unique and cute though :)

Posted on 17-08-04 Recommend