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Star5 qty Excelente para pieles maduras
4ng…@gmail.com De echo fue un regalo para mi mamá y le encantó demasiado!!!!!!!
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Star5 qty Me gusto
mrc…@hotmail.com Estos parches para la zona de la ojera me gustan porque hidrata muy bien

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Star5 qty Los mejores parches de hidrógel
and…@gmail.com Son una maravilla y mejoran las líneas rápidamente y áreas oscuras del contorno de los ojos

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Star4 qty Black pear and gold eye patch

Helps to get rid of puffy eyebags. However, i do feel a stinging sensation around my eye area during the first few minutes. After all, it's considered as a good product.049a09de0a8ca5fd41e4746789d3ffe3_1502642

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Star3 qty Average
cou…@gmail.com I find these do hydrate but skin appearance isnt altered. Skin isnt plumped of lines diminished. I find it also stings slightly due to my sensitive skin. I feel applying moisturiser daily works much better. Pity as i was hoping they would help relieve sore tired eyes at the end of the day
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