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Star5 qty LOVE

I love these!! They feel SO good and cooling on my eye area and I can wear them for more than hour before they start to dry out. It's great for when you're home working on the computer or late at night to help soothe! It also helps plump up the area and makes my under eye area less pronounced. 




Posted on 17-06-29 Recommend
Star2 qty Trae mucho perfume, irrita la piel.

El olor de estos parches es tan fuerte que hasta me mareó. 



Posted on 17-06-29 Recommend
Star3 qty Average

It helps, but not as effective.  Cool and not sticky though

Posted on 17-06-26 Recommend
Star5 qty Hydrogel Eye Patch
dav…@yahoo.com It says in the box to leave it on for 20-30 mins, which is great for removing puffiness, but if you leave it on for longer (about 40-ish mins) it brightens the under eye area too.99cf1484cb988698f50d8025d6ce7053_1498340

Posted on 17-06-25 Recommend
Star4 qty Too big
Krn…@gmail.com Its good but the size is just too big I think. I have the pink blur one and that one is perfectly fit under my eyes. But this one is cover almost half of my cheek hahaha
Posted on 17-06-13 Recommend