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Star4 qty Alright
sta…@hotmail.com This product leaves the under eye feeling cool, refreshed, and provides good moisture. If you are buying this product to help with dark circles, this is not that product. One thing I really appreciate about these eye patches is the wonderful cooling effect it provides, when I'm staying up late it really wakes me up ! 
Posted on 17-04-09 Recommend
Star5 qty good
Leaves the eye area very refreshing, but helps to diminish the eye area, has a good smell and good feeling
Posted on 17-03-31 Recommend
Star4 qty Brightens the Eye
mki…@yahoo.com I like using this product when it has been refrigerated. Love how cool it feels under my eyes. You can see it brighten after using the patches.
Posted on 17-03-27 Recommend
Star4 qty Eye Patch
yin…@hotmail.com Really great eye patch that feels nice but have not seen any significant results.
Posted on 17-03-01 Recommend
Star3 qty OK product

I have really bad case of dark circles. I am a human panda tbh and undereye area is super dry. I have been using these from last 7 days and now my undereye area is not that dry but they have no effect on my dark circles so far.what I love about the product is the cooling sensation you get when you apply these patches.

Posted on 17-02-28 Recommend