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Star4 qty GOOD
SLE…@BELLSOUTH.NET These are really fun to use. Just take one and put it under your eye. You kinda look like a under racoon. Lol! It is is very hydrating under the eye and it was a difference just the first try. It's not a miracle but I could see some of the fines lines smoothed out.
Posted on 17-02-18 Recommend
Star4 qty wetness

These patches good but nothing special. They are  moisturize the skin and all. I've been waiting something amasing for a month but may be I use a little. So I'd like to have an extra bottle with content liquid because patches dryes up quickly after opening.


Posted on 17-02-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Good product
mer…@yahoo.com i really like them! my eye area really refreshed and using any kind of mask product is always fun.


Posted on 17-02-10 Recommend
Star5 qty So cooling!
dil…@gmail.com Great pick me up!! Stick these in the fridge and they feel insanely good. Puffiness does go down ever so slightly. Does nada for dark circles but haven't finished the tub so maybe the effects become apparent later on!
Posted on 17-02-07 Recommend
Star5 qty lavish

everytime i use this it's like going to a spa for me, it's really invigorating and relaxing and for the price i got it at the value is amazing. goodbye puffy eyes, goodbye forever 

Posted on 17-02-04 Recommend