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[Wellderma] Carbon vegetal Hydrating Mascarilla con ampoule (4hojas )

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imprimir esto [Wellderma] Carbon vegetal Hydrating Mascarilla con ampoule (4hojas )

[Wellderma] Carbon vegetal Hydrating Mascarilla con ampoule (4hojas )

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Marca : WellDerma
Código : WDP08-MCH
Peso : 100g (0.22 lbs)
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Radiante su cuidado de la piel con el [Wellderma] Carbon vegetal Hydrating Mascarilla con ampoule (4hojas )! nuestro objetivo es ofrecerle los mejores productos coreanos para cuidar su piel, incluida Cosmeticos, Mascarilla, Hoja de mascarilla. Hydra Hoja de mascarilla en línea.
The black mask sheet of the mask pack contains the best-quality charcoal extract from hard charcoal, it treats sebum and clears out pores.
Mask pack containing lavish amounts of ampoule immediately moisturizes skin and the soft skin lasts for a long time after taking off the mask pack.

Suggested Use
1. Even the clean skin with toner and take out the mask pack and place it on the face closely.
2. Take a good break for about 15-20 minutes and then remove the mask pack. After removing the mask pack, gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.



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